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You Discovered The Secret!

Congratulations, intrepid explorer! You've unearthed the gateway to our clandestine realm—a secret page reserved for the chosen few with a penchant for curiosity and a thirst for mystery. Bravo! But hush! This is no ordinary discovery. You are now privy to classified information, and we invite you to extend the thrill to your inner circle. Share this riddle with your confidants:

"X marks the spot"

Let them decipher this cryptic code and join you in the clandestine adventure that awaits!

Now, seize the moment and inscribe your name into the annals of the clandestine. Fill out the form below, and you shall be enshrined on the secret list—a roll call of those intrepid souls who dared to seek the hidden and embrace the enigma. Your journey into the mysterious heart of our world is about to unfold. Welcome to the exclusive league of the inquisitive and the daring!

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Your Name Please

Check back next week to see your name! (Inappropriate names will not be added)

The Roll Call

Darryl Abling

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